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When is it safe to plant outdoors?

After the last frost! Generally, all risk of frost is past by June 10, but often it can be safe to plant in the last week of May.

How often should I water my plants?

This is dependent on plant varieties and weather conditions. Poking your finger into the soil in a few places around the plant will help you determine when it’s time. Water if the soil feels dry or just before the plant shows signs of wilt. The best time to water is early morning.

Should I fertilize my plants?

Yes, plants should be fertilized every week or two. Use Miracle Gro plant food and follow the directions on the label.

My plants died. What did I do wrong?

Overwatering can be a greater problem than not watering enough. Also, it’s best to acclimatize the plants from their ideal greenhouse environment to the outside world by placing them outdoors in a sheltered spot with filtered sun for a day or two, before planting.

Is there a guarantee on the plants I purchased?

You will receive 50% off the replacement of any tree or shrub that does not survive the first growing season. The original receipt and plant tag, with accompanying photos, must be provided before August 31. We are unable to control the elements of nature; therefore we cannot guarantee overwintering of
any plant we sell. There is no guarantee on annual and perennial plants.