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259 Main Street, Grandview MB
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Welcome To Way to Grow! Greenhouses

Way to Grow! Greenhouses is a greenhouse/ nursery business that produces quality bedding plants for retail sales, with two locations to conveniently serve the peoples of Grandview/ Gilbert Plains and surrounding areas. We also are a proud supplier of perennial stock, including trees and shrubs, from Jeffries, Vanstone, and Aubin nurseries. We offer a huge selection with “small town” service that, indeed, will not disappoint!

Merle & Sheryl Penner and Curtis & Cristy Froese and families

Our Company Mission

……to get you on your knees in the garden.

Our Philosophy

In addition to improving property value, gardening is also good for you as a person. Finding a single activity that involves exercise, mindfulness, delicious food, and fun, and that also happens right in your own backyard, is hard to find.

Gardening is a great practice for the mind, body, and spirit. Whether or not you have a green thumb, you can find multiple benefits in gardening this spring and summer.

Our Promise

We are committed to producing affordable, quality bedding plants, and providing dependable advice and recommendations to make your gardening experience successful.

Our Company History

Established in 2008 by Merle & Sheryl Penner and Curtis & Cristy Froese, Way to Grow! Greenhouses was born of an interest in the plant industry between the two couples.  The purchase of the business was accompanied with essential first year support from the previous owners.  While gardening itself was traditional for all of us, certain aspects of the industry required discovery of the how-to’s, some which have come by study and experience, some by the invaluable advice of our customers.

Although we are a seasonal business, we work hard behind the scenes before we merchandise our plants and products.  It is a place where we can work together with our families, learning life’s valuable lessons of responsibility, perseverance, and communication.

Since our beginnings, we have expanded our growing and retail space to 10,000 square feet of covered area.  We have been privileged to serve the fine peoples of a wonderful community, and thank you for your patronage.